Urban Equities, Inc.

30+ Years of Regenerating Disinvested Urban Communities

Urban Equities, Inc.

30+ Years of Regenerating Disinvested Urban Communities

Community & real estate development strategies flow from one’s personal viewpoints about human beings; money; environments; justice matters; and, problem resolution strategies, to name a few. These thoughts invariably influence financial modeling and likewise dictate deal structuring. The direct impacts on communities become measurable for years to come. This premise has not only framed my company’s work spanning the last three decades, but it has equally guided our stewardship responsibility to add and not extract value from these already-disinvested communities.

Lennox G. Jackson
Founder & CEO


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Real Estate & Community

Since its formation in 1993, Urban Equities has been engaged in the business of planning and executing property acquisitions and driving market-changing real estate and community development projects in disinvested urban communities.

Program & Project Management Services

We deliver end-to-end project, construction management and owner’s representative services during the preconstruction and construction phases for fixed-asset and capital improvement projects. 

General Contractor

Urban Equities Construction LLC is a 360-degree solution provider of construction services for residential, institutional, commercial and mixed-use properties. 

Case Studies & Ideas

Uncover creative and forward-thinking concepts in the world of real estate. From smart home technology to sustainable design, we share ideas shaping the future of the industry.

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