Program & Project Management

Your Project Is Our Project

After much deliberation among your leadership team, a vision has been formed and a business case has been validated. You know what you want and how much you want to spend. Your project must be completed, but you can’t afford to increase direct staff overhead for a project-oriented need with a short duration. You conclude that outsourcing to project management professionals serves the best interest of your organization. Urban Equities deploys a project team that partners with you to establish an efficient process that will result in your success. Our staff owns these directives and we drive execution of your strategy…….consistent with your scope, schedule and budget.

We deliver end-to-end project & construction management services during the
preconstruction and construction phases for your fixed-asset and capital projects. To support
this effort, our team, in part, taps our national network of construction contractors, fixture
installers, refrigeration installers, and suppliers. We have the capacity to cover the continental
U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Our staff augmentation capabilities cover:
New Construction
Building Rehabilitations
Retail Store Remodels
Corporate Roll-out Programs
Planned Capital Improvement Programs
Sample Client Base:
Real Estate Investors
Commercial Lenders
Governmental Entities
Institutional Investors

The matrix below describes our process and illustrates a menu of service solutions that
equip the client with the ability to integrate our services during critical work streams,
thereby reducing risks and optimizing speed-to-market opportunities.

market opportunities

St. John Temple Community Development Corporation

Since its formation in 1993, Urban Equities has been engaged in the business of planning and executing property acquisitions and driving market-changing real estate and community development projects in disinvested urban communities.

Revere Brookdale Development

We deliver end-to-end project, construction management and owner’s representative services during the preconstruction and construction phases for fixed-asset and capital improvement projects. 


Urban Equities Construction LLC is a 360-degree solution provider of construction services for residential, institutional, commercial and mixed-use properties. 

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