Written by Lennox Jackson

Whoa! What a year this has been. If you’re like me, you can’t believe that 2018 is quickly approaching its end. As we often lament [each year], “where did the time go?” Depending upon whom we talk to, we can find a wide range of thoughts describing how we each fared this year. Some of us may feel a sense of accomplishment for how 2018 treated us, and now there’s the go-forward view that’s filled with excitement and great anticipation of what another year will bring. On the flipside are those of us who found ourselves in some tough spots this year, leaving us anxious for this year to conclude; it can’t end fast enough. Many on this side of the equation probably feel that, just maybe, 2019 will represent a good reset—a new clock, of sorts—to ensure that we hit it out the park.

I know, time can’t be replaced; it is to be highly respected. When I reflect on 2018, I’m thankful that Urban Equities can point to some successes:

Yes, I’m pleased with the business outcomes, particularly since they’ve followed some real heavy lifting. But, I find myself thinking about time differently from years past. Yeah, I’m guilty like some other leaders who lose sleep periodically thinking about driving new business development, managing revenues wisely, making payroll, growing the business and resource alignments, attracting and retaining quality talent, strengthening the back-office infrastructure, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

With my reflections, I now understand how organic life is: things happen on their own, in their own time. I’ve learned that I’m not smarter than nature. I’ve learned that if we deposit positive energy into the universe, it returns, manifesting itself in meaningful opportunities that we didn’t create or source. I’ve learned that I’m not that smart (please don’t blow my cover and tell others. Lol.)

I’m grateful to have finally arrived at some basic truisms:

Happy Holidays to all!

Lennox Jackson is Founder/CEO of Urban Equities, Inc. and a contributing editor for the Bulletin Board. During his time away from work, Lennox enjoys quick drives to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, or boarding an airplane to some destination far from Chicago. In addition, he practices yoga and likes attending panel discussions, watching movies, dancing, and finding the right spot for people-watching on a nice-weather day.

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